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7 plus 3 equals:

Usernames are case-sensitive. iPads and phones sometimes capitalize the first letter.

The above math question must be answered correctly to log in.

The math question was put in place to help prevent automated software from logging into compromised email accounts and generating thousands and thousands of spam messages. Email accounts can be compromised when the account owner is tricked into disclosing their password, usually by sending the account owner a phoney letter that their account is over-quota and will be deleted or otherwise threaten disciplinary consequences unless the user responds with their password.


  • Most sites (Comcast, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc) will block mail coming from sources that send spam. When your account gets compromised, EVERYONE's mail service is adversely affected and time must be spent working with providers to get off blacklists.

  • Protect your password at all costs.

  • We will not shut down your email account without contacting you in reasonable time. You will not lose your stored email.

  • We will not shut down your email account if you're using a lot of space on the server. If mail storage becomes an issue, we will contact you directly and help you move mail off the server.

  • We will not have a catastrophic loss of account details and require everyone to re-register on the server. We make regular backups of account information including passwords and will not require our users to provide this to us.

Thank you for your time in helping keep the district email service working smoothly.